N95 Rubber Head Bands

Replacing head bands from the National Stockpile

Many physicians have received Kimberly-Clark N95s from the National stockpile. We have tested the Kimberly-Clark N95s we have distributed from the National Stockpile. Initial CDC testing had shown that these may or may not have some degradation due to prolonged storage. My testing of multiple samples from different lots have consistently shown   a very minimal degradation. Our testing shows 95% filtration at 0.3 microns. I believe that there  is a mild degradation in its filtering capabilities, but I do not believe this is clinically relevant. I feel comfortable in distributing these masks and wearing them myself, but do want to show transparency in our efforts. 

While the filtration is fine, the material of the headbands had deteriorated and does break. There are several different options. TCMS President, Dr. John Abikhaled explains the Coban method here. You can also use heavy duty trash can rubber bands which can be purchased on Amazon. Any trash can rubber band 14″ or great should work. 

  1. Punch holes in the ends, careful not to violate the inner chamber
  2. Cut the rubber band and loop through both holes
  3. Tie a square knot

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